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Shipping Info


 FREE Shipping except Free items

Our items import directly to you from our overseas China factory, this helps keep your price low.

The shipping service details for every item is listed in the description.

Q: Where do you ship to?
A: Our SHIPPING is WORLD-WIDE (listed countries) as follows: United States; United Kingdom; Australia; Brazil; Canada; Italy; Turkey; Spain; Malaysia; France; Russia; Sweden; New Zealand; Norway; Switzerland; Japan; Thailand; Ireland; Israel; Belgium; Poland; South Korea; Austria; Germany; Denmark; Singapore

Q: How much does it cost to ship?
A: All items ship FREE except Free items. Each item has the shipping service listed for that item in details *Note (Shipping from China is not really FREE), It’s our business structure to pay it for you.

Q: How long can I expect Free Delivery to take?
A: 5 – 25 days. Our Free Shipping Services are
China Air Post 15-25 days The China Air Post Free shipping times are as follows:
a) For USA, Canada, Australia customers, it usually takes about 18 to 23 business days.
b) For United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, most other Europe Countries, it’s 19 to 25 business days.
c) For customers in South America, it may take 15 to 30 business days.
d) For other countries, it may take 15 to 25 business days
E-PACKET 10 -15 days to USA, and most other countries.
*Some items have FREE Faster shipping, 7 -10 days or less on custom items with longer processing

Q: Faster Shipping Offered World-Wide Too? Copy link with deducted price adjustment > $11.30 lower, than charges listed below, for a true upgrade.


A: All our shipping services are listed below & the average arrival time to USA, obviously heavy items are more.
1) China Air Post 15 – 25 working days $11.30 To USA 13 – 18 days (FREE except on free items) Heavy item $12.50
2) E-Packet Faster 10 – 15 working days $16.25 To USA 8 – 12 days Heavy Item: $19.50
3) EMS Express 6 – 10 working days (about 1 Wk) $24.25 *To USA 5 – 8 days Heavy item: $38.75
4) ASAP Expedited 4 – 7 working days (ASAP) $45.25 To USA 2 – 3 days Heavy item: $54.00

Q: Can I Track my package?
(496 total previous orders received by our customers) Delivered with tracking
A: YES. Every item gets one tracking number when shipped. China Air Post uses 2 sites, and E-Packet uses just 1 site.
NOTE: Standard Tracking site is NOT the site for most our items, as they do not ship from the USA. The correct sites are listed below.

TRACKING SITES: Our Free Shipping uses 3 sites, China Air Post uses: 1 leaving China and 1 entering your country, E-Packet uses: just 1 all the way.

1) China Air Post Site: > http://intmail.183.com.cn/icc-itemtraceen.jsp
Then track here after it is received into USA, or call for questions 1-800-275-8777
USPS Site: > https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction!input.action*
To Track as received into your country, NOT to USA – we will email you your 2cd tracking site

2) E-Packet &
3) EMS both use the same site: > http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html?COLLCC=951820348&

4) ASAP Expedited Tracking Services: We send you the tracking web site if you have chosen to pay for expedited shipping services.

Q: What is happening to my package – and why does tracking not show me very much?
A: Tracking is recorded AFTER a movement has occurred. So, It will be a few days later, after it ships before tracking shows it’s first movement. You can expect to see 2 – 4 posts as it goes thru customs, before it exits China. While it is in transit traveling between countries, there is a lapse, sometimes a week, no movements are posted until it reaches your country and has been received by customs there. Very little tracking info until it’s in your country is normal. If shipped by China Air, the second site will show when it has arrived and been received into your country, during the lapse, do not be alarmed while it is in between. Just know your order is safely on it’s way and is not lost. Once it’s accepted past customs, usually delivery is pretty quick. So please relax and watch for posting into your country and arrival should be within the estimated delivery time.

Q: Tracking is not working & my package is late, why? A: Sometimes the tracking is simply not recognizing your item. This could be due to many reasons, possibly is was not being scanned properly. That happens (sometimes) because of backup delay thru customs, and then package items are then being rushed thru, WHEN no info shows, your package is still traveling to arrive at your destination.

If you have questions, or If it is past the estimated time, please contact me, we will track it down
Please be advised that the shipping time can be affected by factors such as Chinese holidays, our holidays, severe weather and other international security disruptions in customs.
Unfortunately, these are not in our control.

NOTE: Want more info: Go to
“Have a Question” ? Just ask us, We respond quickly, but If not – right away, please give us 8 – 24 hrs for an informative answer back, because our
team is 14 hrs difference ahead.

divashack@yahoo.com > PayPal email address & email contact are the same