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Divas Favorite IMPORTED Zulu Brew Roasted Assagay Bean Coffees From South Africa

$38.95 - $95.95
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Country/Region of Manufacture
South Africa
Food Specifications
Low Fat/ Fat Free
Zulu Brew
Roast Levels
  • 1 Bag 250gms - your selection (30 in stock)
  • 2 Bags 500gms - send your selection (30 in stock)
  • 3 Bags 750gms - send your selection (30 in stock)
  • 4 Bags 1000gms - send your selection (30 in stock)
  • 5 Bags 1250gms - send your selection (30 in stock)
  • 6 Bags 1500gms - send your selection (30 in stock)
  • 7 Bags 1750gms - send your selection (30 in stock)
  • 8 Bags 2000gms - send your selection (30 in stock)

More about this item

Divas Favorite IMPORTED Zulu Brew Roasted Assagay Coffee Beans From South AfricaI

MPORTED Zulu Brew Roasted or Full Bean Assagay Coffee 250 Gram Bags of Full Bodied, Smooth Farm Grown Harvested and Roasted for the first time as the only wholly South African produced Coffee, shipped straight from the farm.
Packaged: Inside plastic sealed bag inside a sewn canvas bag
Pricing includes added shipping, and 1 - 3 bags we are charged Same to ship.
That's why better price break starts at 4 bags ordered.

Available in 4 Blends, in 250 gram bags each, in Ground or Unground Full Bean form. Mix or match Roast or bean form selections in your choice of bags.

Send selection note when ordering Bags. (Preferred Ground or Whole Bean Form and which Roast)

  • Medium Roast - our lightest roast
  • Dark Roast - the strongest, most full-bodied roast.
  • Select - a blend of both Medium and Dark, our most popular.
  • Espresso - especially for the Espresso machine

Exceptional Flavor for True Coffee Lovers. It has almost no acidity, no aftertaste, and has a rich smooth body.

Packing: double bubble wrap parcel pak

  1.  $38.95  250 grams or   .55 lbs or    8.81 ozs 38.95 ea X 1 bag
  2.  $46.95  500 grams or 1.10 lbs or 17.63 ozs 23.47 ea X 2 bags
  3.  $54.95  750 grams or 1.65 lbs or 26.45 ozs 18.31 ea X 3 bags
  4.  $59.95 1000 grams or 2.20 lbs or 35.00 ozs 14.99 ea X 4 bags
  5.  $68.95 1250 grams or 2.76 lbs or 44.00 ozs 13.79 ea X 5 bags
  6.  $77.95 1500 grams or 3.30 lbs or 52.92 ozs 12.99 ea X 6 bags
  7.  $86.95 1750 grams or 3.85 lbs or 26.45 ozs 12.42 ea X 7 bags
  8.  $95.95 2000 grams or 4.41 lbs or 70.55 ozs 11.99 ea X 8 bags

 Allow 3 - 5 days processing + Free Shipping World-Wide 2 - 3 months delivery, but it's the best coffee in the world, everyone who's tried it says - it's well worth the wait!!
FREE Parcel Post allow Shipping 2 - 3 months, Faster shipping available See our Booth Details Upgrades for ASAP Shipping, available.

Delivery shipping time varies according to your area location, holidays may add delay.
Our Coffees import directly to you from the overseas farm where grown in South Africa.

Faster shipping is available when timing matters most. When needed to pay for an upgrade, see our shipping policy, or Faster Shipping link> http://www.bonanza.com/listings/Shipping-Pay-Link-for-Faster-Delivery-Options-for-Fast-Expedited-or-ASAP/187711015 . PLS NOTE that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness, Do to contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item!