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FYI Special Care Items


A gathered assortment of special information for our items that may require more details for proper care.

For Your Information ~ Special Care Items

Furs Care:

TO FRESHEN THE FUR – To loosen fur (real or fake) flattened from packaging, or wear, steam and  then fluff by hand. Good idea, hang in the bathroom while taking a shower. Can be washed on gental short cycle alone, hung to dry, or lay on towel, use blow dryer to fluff, as it’s almost dry. May Use a Cool Dryer NOT a heated hot dryer as could damage Faux fur.

Latex Care:

FOR LONGEVITY These products are packed with a covering of protective talc when you receive them.
 It may be your best choice to simply wash your latex items with some mild shampoo

Properly washed and dried latex garments should be coated with the designated silicon oil. This procedure prevents the latex garments from adhesion during storage and facilitates easier donning.
Furthermore, the silicon oil also facilitates the typical latex sheen and is very easy on the skin.

PU Leather or Faux Leather Care

PU Leather or Faux Leather items, wash on gentle, no bleach, mild detergent, and turn inside out, ie. pants etc. Dry on low in dryer, and take out before dryer goes off, as soon as dried, so as to not get over heated. Finger nails can leave scratch marks in material, so be aware to not scratch while wearing.

Wigs Hair Care

Washing Instructions: